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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Decrepit Sun - Brutal Thrash / Death / Groove Metal

Decrepit Sun are a brutal thrash / death / melodic / groove metal band from Melbourne Australia.

While their music offers a raw and unique epitome of these styles, the sheer diversity and texture of their influence proves to create much more.  Decrepit Sun formed in 2003, and have since evolved into a vicious 5 man attack of audio hostility.


Album Releases:

Violent.Aggressive (2012)

Decrepit Sun's debut album 'Violent.Aggressive' was released in March 2012, offering 10 vicious tracks

Stream or download tracks from 'Violent.Aggressive' (free)

Ten Knuckle Taunt (2010)
The debut 6 track EP "Ten Knuckle Taunt" was released in 2010, which is now available to download in full for free!!

Stream or Download the full "Ten Knuckle Taunt" EP (free)


Decrepit Sun Web Links:

Official Website
Merchandise & CDs
YouTube Channel

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