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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Boris The Blade - Melbourne Metal / Death Metal / Deathcore

Heavy as hell..!! about sums up Melbourne Deathcore band Boris The Blade.  If you like extreme blasting brutality, let Boris The Blade blow you off your seat!

Boris The Blade are a 5 piece Death Metal / Deathcore  band from Melbourne that provide non-stop technical, HEAVY as F#<k brutality in the form of Death Metal chaos!!

The Release of the "Tides of damnation" EP in 2011 took Australia and the world by storm, showcasing some of the capabilities of Aussie Heavy Metal bands in the international metal scene.  Boris The Blade are now signed to UK Label Siege of Amida Records and Australian label RTD Records.

Check out some of the videos and songs released by Boris The Blade below. If your diggin' their shit, then check out the website and throw them a 'like' on Facebook!!  Links are also provided below to get your hands on Boris The Blade CDs and Merch.

Boris The Blade - Like Wolves

Boris The Blade - Tides of Damnation

Boris The Blade - Your Last Breath

Boris The Blade - A Vulgate Prophet

Boris The Blade - Live at Pushover

  • Daniel Sharp- Vocals
  • Coby Chatz -Bass 
  • Josh Lording-Guitar
  • Roman Koester - Guitar
  • Daniel Hickey - Drums

Boris The Blade Web Links:

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