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Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Aussie Metal Releases this Month - Free Listen / Download

This month has been a big one for Aussie Metal bands, with a number of new Video, EP and Album releases made available online to listen or download.

Below is some of the new music and videos released in the past month or so that is available to listen to, watch or download for free. 

Sydney Metal / Death/Black Metal / Symphonic Metal band released Downfall EP
Their sound, ever evolving from their nonstop gigging up and down the east coast has mutated into a tighter live show although more intense and chaotic.

2 Tracks from the new Album "Violent.Aggressive"
'An intense, savage wave of extreme Aussie heavy metal!'
Since 2003 Decrepit Sun have evolved into a vicious 5 man attack of audio hostility.


Melbourne Metal / Melodic Death Metal / Thrash Metal band BerserkerfoX released their "New World Murder" EP.

"NEW WORLD MURDER is 4 cuts of aggresive death metal about anarachy against the cold, cut throat world we live in. "

Melbourne Thrash Metal Band released new album "Submission For Liberty"

4ARM are a pure, straight-up Thrash Metal band who since 2004 have been musically distinctive, aggressive and explosive.

Sydney Metal / Melodic Metal band release debut EP "Reasons"
Datura Curse from Sydney Australia started out as many bands do. Two guys in a basement with their guitars, their amps and their mutual love of heavy metal. A lot has changed in the world of Datura Curse since 2008, as they have since morphed into one of the strongest acts in the Australian metal scene.

Sydney Technical Death Metal band release Official Music Video for "Sanctuary"
OUROBOROS (pronounced OR-oh-BOR-us) is a tech-death/thrash band based in Sydney, Australia.

Melbourne Metal / Alternative / Experimental band released new album "IO"

Tracklist From IO (Listen to the album on bandcamp )

  • Plummet
  • Irredeemably Fucked
  • CDFA
  • Portrait of a Young Man as a Shithead
  • The Nightmare From Which You Cannot Awaken
  • Another Lost Kid 
  • Hits Limbo From A Great Height
  • This Relentless Momentum
  • Jumped
  • Gimpman Cometh
  • Beat
  • Pentagonal Plywood Prison
  • Arch
  • Inchoate
  • The Architecture Is Wrong
  • Voices
  • There's Nothing Here And It Screams
(Listen to all of the above songs on the dropbunny bandcamp IO album page)

dropbunny are a Melbourne seven-piece who create furious, dark and ecstatic music. Showing deep irreverence for musical traditions, they seamlessly combine bizarre time signatures and a vast range of sounds to create angst-ridden psychotropic landscapes unlike any Australian metal to date. They have recently completed their second full-length studio album, “IO”.

Adelaide Metal band release "Falsehood" EP.

'Armed With Integrity' is a new band from Adelaide playing energetic live shows and making their mark on the Adelaide music scene.

Day of Wrath
Adelaide Metal band release sample "teaser" for their upcoming album "Blood Of The Apocalypse".

"Day Of Wrath are a potent metal force and their live show will kick your ass! "

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